ChatGPT, Generative AI and the Future of Digital Intelligence

Futurist Richard Yonck on stage.

Announcing a new keynote program from Futurist Richard Yonck –

Program Title: ChatGPT, Generative AI and the Future of Digital Intelligence
Program Type: Keynote, Workshop, Leadership Summit
Length: 30-90 minutes with Q&A option

The world of AI is transforming before our eyes, bringing us new tools and capabilities that sometimes feel like they’ve arrived from the future. This rapidly advancing field is delivering us into a world unlike anything humanity has ever experienced. From innovative business uses to new kinds of art and music, the potential to create better, faster ways of performing tasks and interacting with our technologies is mind-boggling.

On the positive side of the equation, we’ll see the aggregation of human knowledge that results in rapid access to new levels of information and insights. Just a few brief benefits include:

    • Instant summarizations that bring together vast swaths of research for easy reading and knowledge acquisition.
    • Entirely new approaches to searching the web and databases.
    • Virtual assistants that can perform tasks and deliver documents far faster and of higher quality than most human assistants.
    • New tools for expanding the imagination, resulting in a working partnership between artists, musicians, designers, architects and AI.

But these advances don’t come without costs, trade-offs and challenges. As we enter this new phase of techno-human collaboration, there are many questions we need to ask ourselves.

    • Will AI summarizations contribute to a decrease in people’s ability to think deeply about complex problems and issues?
    • These systems currently have a “hallucination problem” – that is, they make things up. As bad as this is for a single search query, what happens to the sum of human knowledge when this is perpetuated across millions and even billions of queries?
    • If this next round of AI is as disruptive as many people think it could be, how will it impact the future of the workforce and the economy?
    • Will this free us to do jobs that are more fulfilling, or will many of us be relegated to training our replacements?
    • Ultimately, how will these new tools serve us? Or after the dust settles, will we be serving them?

In this enthralling talk by the author of Future Minds and Heart of the Machine, Richard Yonck explores the history, technology and future of generative AI. Join him for a journey into the many directions AI could take our society, as we all try to understand just what kind of future it is that we’re building.

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