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Futurist Author - Richard Yonck

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Best-selling futurist author Richard Yonck writes extensively about future trends, emerging technologies and their impacts on the world of tomorrow. A former contributing editor for The Futurist magazine, he covers AI and other emerging technologies for the technology web site, GeekWire. He’s written two highly regarded books about the future of human and artificial intelligence. Time Magazine called his first book “the upside of the AI revolution.” Ray Kurzweil wrote that Richard offers “a compelling and thorough history of the interaction between our emotional lives and our technology” in The New York Times Book Review.

Heart of the Machine

Explores the next giant step in the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology: Emotion AI, the ability of computers to recognize, respond to and interact with our emotions.

“Yonck is a sure-footed guide and is not without a sense of humor.”

Ray Kurzweil
The New York Times Book Review

Future Minds

From chatbots to innovations in brain-computer interfaces to the possibility of superintelligences later this century, a deep dive into the many ways our world is becoming more and differently intelligent.

“A tour de force challenging our assumptions about intelligence.”

Johan Styen
IITPSA Chair of AI and Robotics


A sought-after contributor to major science and business publications, Richard authors short and long-form articles that explore the potential impact of new technologies on society.

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