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ChatGPT, Generative AI and the Future of Digital Intelligence
The world of AI is transforming before our eyes, bringing us new tools and capabilities that sometimes feel like they’ve arrived from the future. This rapidly advancing field is delivering us into a world unlike anything humanity has ever experienced. From innovative business uses to new kinds of art and music, the potential to create better, faster ways of performing tasks and interacting with our technologies is mind-boggling.

But these advances don’t come without their costs, trade-offs and challenges. As we enter this new phase of techno-human collaboration, what are the questions we should be asking ourselves? What kind of a world are we building? How can we ensure this technology benefits our lives rather than the other way around? Ultimately, how are all of these new tools going to serve us? Or will we be serving them?

In this enthralling talk by the best-selling author of Future Minds and Heart of the Machine, Richard Yonck explores the history, technology and future of generative AI. Join him for a journey into the many directions AI could take our society, as we all try to understand just what kind of future it is that we’re building.

Building the Innovation Ecosystem of Tomorrow
Innovation is key how we build the future. What new kinds of creativity, discovery, team building, financing, and infrastructure will support the startup community of tomorrow? What could the future of the startup ecosystem look in ten or twenty years as we continue to innovate innovation itself?

Automation, Employment & the Future of the Workforce
Augmented Reality Docent. AI Wrangler. Data Set Auditor. Genetics Interpreter. Digital Reputation Scrubber. VR Addiction Counselor. These are just a few of the new jobs we’ll be seeing in the near future. How do we adapt to a world that no longer needs people for many tasks? How can we prepare for jobs that don’t even exist yet?

“You gave our workforce deans plenty of food for thought as they navigate the complex education and employment world we’re preparing students for.”
Nancy Dick, Director, Workforce Education,
WA State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Healthcare 2045: The Amazing Era of Hyper-Personalized Medicine
Next-generation gene therapies. Microinterventions. mRNA-based cancer vaccines. Vastly extended healthspans and lifespans. Learn how the future of medicine will transform our very definitions of health, wellness and mortality.

Propelling Mobility: Where is the Future of Transportation Taking Us?
New transportation technologies will rapidly transform our cities, commerce and society. With everything from autonomous vehicles and micromobility to delivery drones and urban air mobility, what are the implications for infrastructure, vehicle ownership models, regulation and more?

Building Your Organization’s Future Resilience
The 2020 pandemic broke the global supply chain and experts say it will be five years before it’s fully functional again. How can we improve our future resilience to better weather the next worldwide crisis?

The New Era of Emotion AI: When Machines Understand Our Feelings
Our devices are becoming increasingly able to read, interpret and influence our emotions. Learn about the amazing future of Emotion AI from the author of the best-selling book, HEART OF THE MACHINE.

Cultivating the Future AgriTech
One of civilization’s oldest activities is being transformed by 21st century technology. From vertical farms to artificial pollinators to Impossible proteins, how will AgriTech help us save the planet?

The Future is Human: Finding Our Path in an Always Changing World
How can we ensure the future remains conducive to human life, values and experience? Explore the challenges and strategies that will help us become good stewards of the future.


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