The Future of Communications

Lascaux hunters

One of the themes I continually find myself returning to is the growing symbiotic relationship between human beings and their technologies. Every device, machine and factory needs us to invent it and build it, while at the same time we become increasingly dependent on these very technologies. We need them in order to thrive and often to survive; they need us to give them form and existence. If that’s not symbiotic, I don’t know what is.

Hopefully, you’ll get a little sense of this symbiosis in my latest article about the future of communications, “Technically Speaking”. To me, communications is one of the great technological threads woven through the tapestry of human history. From the first moment someone left notches on a piece of wood to record an event or painted on the walls of some now-forgotten cave, we embarked on a tremendous journey. A journey made hand in hand with the many technologies of communications. And as with all the best journeys, this one is likely to continue for a very long time.