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Futurist Speaker- Richard Yonck


The Future is Human: Finding Our Way in an Everchanging World
How can we ensure the future remains conducive to human life, values and experience? Explore the challenges and strategies that will help us become good stewards of the future.

Automation, Employment & the Future of the Workforce
Augmented Reality Docent. Autonomous Vehicle Wrangler. DNA Test Interpreter. Digital Reputation Scrubber. In this era of ongoing workforce disruption, how can we prepare for jobs when they don’t even exist yet?

AI: The Century’s Most Transformational Technology
Future advances in artificial intelligence will alter nearly every aspect of our lives. How will we adapt as everything in our world becomes more and differently intelligent?

Healthcare 2045: The Amazing Era of Hyper-Personalized Medicine
Next-generation gene therapies. Microinterventions. mRNA-based cancer vaccines. Vastly extended healthspans and lifespans. Learn how the future of medicine will transform our very definitions of health, wellness and mortality.

Building Your Organization’s Future Resilience
The 2020 pandemic broke the global supply chain and experts say it will be five years before it’s fully functional again. How can we improve our future resilience to better weather the next worldwide crisis?

The New Era of Emotion AI: When Machines Understand Our Feelings
Our devices are becoming increasingly able to read, interpret and influence our emotions. Learn about the amazing future of Emotion AI from the author of the best-selling book, HEART OF THE MACHINE.

Cultivating AgriTech: The Future of a Growth Industry
One of civilization’s oldest activities is being transformed by 21st century technology. From vertical farms to artificial pollinators to Impossible proteins, how will AgTech help us save the planet?

Exponential Technologies Power Exponential Organizations
All of a sudden our world seems to be filled with exponential technologies. Why is this happening now and how can we leverage this explosive growth in business and our lives?


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