A Futurist’s Journey

Asia architecture ancient and modern

Acquiring new knowledge and challenging assumptions is an ongoing part of the futures process. However, it can be easy to fall into habits and routines over time, making it necessary to occasionally disrupt our expectations and worldview.

That’s part of my motivation for traveling around Asia this year, beginning with South Korea and now Cambodia. The post-covid world and the long-overdue transformation of work models and team distribution help to make this possible. It offers an opportunity to learn from these richly diverse societies that aren’t my own, in order to better understand the many opportunities and challenges that are driving futures throughout the world. By speaking with both experts and the public, from Japan to Thailand to Singapore to Vietnam, it helps me have a better understanding of the visions and priorities within these societies. Feeding into my research and insights, this will inevitably shape my writing and benefit my client work.

So much is happening throughout this part of the world that it will inevitably play a major part in the social and technological transformations we’ll all be seeing over the next few decades. It’s exciting to consider what can be learned and discovered from such a cross-cultural journey!

 If you’re familiar with this part of the world and have any suggestions about things you think I really need do or see, please let me know!