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“South Korea will be playing a huge role in future innovation” (The Korea Herald)

The Rise and Rise of Homo Tempus (Counterpunch)

The Future of Intelligence (The Ones Changing the World Podcast)

The Intelligence Factor – Technology and the Missing Link (IEEE)

Welcome to the future of government, powered by AI (Wired Middle East)


Futurist Richard Yonck describes tech’s vast influence (Puget Sound Business Journal)

Teaching artificial intelligence right from wrong: AI2 aims to model ethical judgments (GeekWire)

Panel: Should social media platforms be better regulated? (Warwick Think Tank Society)

Google Scholar – Publications and Citations

Q&A with Amazon Alexa chief Rohit Prasad on the future of ambient computing (GeekWire)

Carbon and Silicon: The future of humanity in the smart technology era (IITPSA webinar)

Utopia or dystopia? Here are two (very different) visions of the world in 2050 (Wired)

Deep Futures and Homo Technologicus (Exponential Minds podcast)


EP 79: Co-Evolving With Our Technology (FuturePod podcast)

In the Cities of the Future It Will be Seen as Irresponsible for Humans to Drive Cars, Says Futurist (Sputnik News)

Future Minds, with Richard Yonck (Seeking Delphi podcast #50)

Emerging Intelligence: An Interview with Richard Yonck (Town Hall Seattle)

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment (The New York Times)

The next generation of hackers may target your medical implants (Salon)

Virtual reality check: Futurists dissect Amazon’s new ‘Upload’ (GeekWire)

‘After Shock’ Review: The Future of Forecasting (Wall Street Journal)


TED Talk: How Technology Transforms Human Intelligence

Exploring Blurring the Lines Between Humans, AR and VR (The Times of Israel)

Simon and Schuster Author Page

Meet Your Keynote Speaker – Right! Systems Executive Tech Exchange

Ignite!: Our Intelligent Future (SXSW 2019)


Once More With Feeling: Teaching Empathy to Machines (Wall Street Journal)

AI and Emotions (Communications of the ACM)

Foresight Grad’s New Book Captures the Heart of Our Future (University of Houston)

The Coming Era of Emotional Machines (Psychology Today)


Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Could Be the Next Big Movement (Inc.)

Geek of the Week: Futurist author Richard Yonck helps us better prepare for a rapidly changing world (GeekWire)

Ray Kurzweil on How We’ll End Up Merging With Our Technology (New York Times Book Review)

Book Talk: Heart of the Machine (Ada’s Technical Books)

Heart of the Machine: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (Center for Data Innovation)

Richard Yonck: Artificial Emotional Intelligence (The Stranger)

Welcome to the Emotion Economy (Fast Company)

Tech Is Becoming Emotionally Intelligent, and It’s Big Business (Singularity Hub)


HBO’s ‘Westworld’ raises disturbing questions about life, AI and more (Los Angeles Daily News)

A Robot May Be Training To Do Your Job Don’t Panic (The New York Times)


‘Optocapacitance’ Shines New Light On the Brain (Scientific American)

When a Robot Comes to Town (WTIA Blog)


How I Stopped Worrying About the Future and Learned to Love the Robot Apocalypse (Ignite! Seattle)

How Your Computer Will Read You Like A Book–And Then Sell You Stuff (Fast Company)